The Bird Strike Mural
Across JCCC campus, there are lots of high reaching buildings with windows making it difficult for birds see a safe pathway. The purpose of this mural design is to make a safer environment for birds while also expressing JCCC’s way of life. By combining artistic beauty with practical function, this mural not only prevents bird collisions but also adds a decorative element and demonstrates a thoughtful approach to wildlife conservation and urban design.
The mural is strategically located on a prominent window at the Student Center. This ensures high visibility for both humans and birds. It integrates seamlessly with the surrounding architecture, complementing the building's design while standing out enough to achieve its purpose.
The idea of this mural came from what I would see around campus as I would walk to class. Many students, including myself, would have headphones on and would carry books. I also integrated a cup of coffee accompanied by a rising sun for those early morning classes.

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