Fresh out of schooling, Abe Stafford is eager to get his foot in the graphic design industry. His dedication for design has been apart of him since he was very young and still burns bright, even today. He first found his passion for design in his sophomore year of high school in a photoshop class. It was an instant click for him and even became so involved in the class he finished all the assignments halfway through the semester. He would go on to help other students with assignments and created photoshop contests that got the whole school involved all while, creating friendships that are still strong today. He eventually was given a graphic design award by the end of the year for making a positive impact on the class. Realizing how impactful this experience was, he wants to continue this positive impact and share it with whomever it is that he works with after school.​​​​​​​
Abe holds an associate in graphic design from Johnson County Community College and hopes to continue his education by attending Kansas University for a bachelor’s in visual communication with a minor in advertising.
Download my resume here.
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