Enigma Museum
Enigma is a modern puzzle/escape room museum inspired from neo-gothic architecture. This exhibit offers visitors a unique blend of puzzle-solving and immersive storytelling within a modern, elegant, and sophisticated environment.
Step into the immersive world of the Enigma, where elegance meets mystery. A puzzle exhibit that challenges guests to think outside the box and work together to unlock the secrets within. Visitors navigate through intricately designed rooms, solving mind-bending puzzles and unraveling cryptic clues. Each exhibit is a testament to creativity and ingenuity that combines history, technology, and teamwork.
The inspiration for the logo came from mazes. The logo represents the twists and turns someone might experience while exploring the many labyrinths that lay within the exhibit. In addition to the logo, is the pattern that's used throughout exhibit's design. A sleek and simple puzzle arrangement extends the sophisticated aura of Enigma.
The brand standards manual is a crucial piece in extending the brand of Enigma and helps other designers know how to properly do that. The manual demonstrates the mission statement of Enigma as well as a grid system used to make the wordmarks, color palette, typeface, patterns, and much more to properly execute branding.
Feel free to swipe through this comprehensive manual of Enigma.
The Enigma mobile app is designed to keep thinkers engaged even when outside of the musuem. The app includes daily puzzles such as mazes, classics such as crosswords and sudoku as well as Enigma's own, Puzzler.
In addition, the app has a virtual tour that displays exhibits and gives spotlight to the artists behind them. You can also share your experiences with others with the social tab and the leaderboards, allowing you to compete with friends comparing your times in the escape rooms at Enigma.
You can also schedule visits to the museum in advance, making your visits as seamless as possible.

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